Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Turn Your Passion Into Profit

Hi I’m Dan.

I have made over $500,000 by blogging, and I can teach you how to make a living with a blog too.

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What People Say About Me

Dan is probably one of the few superstars who is actually approachable and able to teach in a down to earth fashion. If you had a chance to learn Real Estate Developing from Trump, you would jump on it. Well, in the world of blogging……. Dan is “The” Guy to listen to.

Dave Britton
Author and Business Broker

Very informative, Dan is a fountain of knowledge..thanks Dan!!

Keith Rainville
Stock Trader

Dan managed to bring a website of mine from under $10/day to over $100 a day by making me aware of “banner blindness”, literally increasing my revenue by 1000% overnight.

Bryce Palenscar
App Developer

Dan Henry has been super helpful with not just getting my blog up and running, but explaining thoroughly the keys to making it a success! Literally everything from appropriate ways to title your posts to what add-ons to use to keep track of traffic and how it all works.

Marc Montague

Dan really knows how to hustle and get stuff done. If you are tired of waiting around for your blog to make money, Dan is your guy.

Mary Fernandez

Fun Facts about Me

I bought my first home at 24 in cash, all from blogging revenue.

I was interviewed on the Huffington Post as an Expert Blogger.

I have flipped 2 nightclubs.


I currently own line of Nerdy t-shirts. We have a print house in the Tampa area.

I spent a week in a Billionaire’s home discussing marketing strategy

The Most I have ever made in one day is $98,000